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Ties and their Amazing Varieties

Your formal wear is incomplete with decent and good looking ties. It is a simple piece of cloth that is tied around your neck, in a stylish manner. Ties give you a professional look and adds extra glint to your personality and appearance. Some people don’t know what factors need to be considered while purchasing the ties.

History of Neck Ties

Neck tie is not a new invention. Its existence can be traced back to the ancient time, when Croatian mercenaries had cravats around their neck. There is no clear reason as to why they wear it, but the trend is still on. In fact it has undergone many changes, as you find them in different colors, patterns, and styles.

Selecting a Tie

If you think that can simply wear the tie and everything is done, then you might be fooling yourself. Just like clothes, ties too need to be bought after considering many points.

Some of these essential points are briefly described below:

  • Shape and Size – The standard size of a tie is 57 inches in length and 3 ¾ inches in width. It can vary depending upon your height and build. Never choose a tie whose tip crosses the buckle of your trouser belt. The tip should always be above the buckle.
  • Fabric – Ties are available in a wide variety of texture and material. Ties made up of cashmere, wool, and silk are considered to be the best. You should be pretty careful while selecting the right fabric for yourself. In case of a silk tie you can have a look at the heavier and tight fabric.
  • Symmetry – one of the most important, yet very less known aspects of a tie is its symmetry. We should always place the tie on a level surface and check whether it is symmetrically perfect or not. At times, the fabric is not properly cut and the tie hangs pretty lose from the neck.


Designs and Patterns

As you all know, ties are available in large variety of patterns and designs, and are being sold by good brands like Paul and Shark. Some of the most common and popular designs or patterns are briefly described below:

  • Paisley – Paisley or Persian Pickles is one of the designs, which dates back to the Babylonian civilization. This design has been moving in and out of fashion, but is still considered to be better than a number of currently available patterns.
  • Polka Dots – Polka dots were a women’s best friend until men started implementing them on their ties. This pattern is extremely common and looks amazing with solid colors.
  • Woven Ties – there are a number of men who prefer woven ties over their printed counterparts. This type of tie is mainly made of silk and is heavier and broader than the normal ones. It gets more vibrant and attractive because of its woven texture.


Ties are easily available and due to the wide range of variety, it has become quite interesting to choose the best one for your needs.

Author’s Bio: Darren is a fashion director with Paul and Shark and he writes about menswear especially designed for short people. Visit their website to learn more about new beauty products, techniques and styles in the market.

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