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How to Make a Style Statement in the Society with the Great Fashion Sense

Fashion – the very word brings in a sense of excitement amongst women! You would hardly find a lady worth her salt not discussing fashion. From the ancient times of the flourishing Roman Empire in far Europe to the oriental Queens of Japan, right through the rise and fall of the British Empire world wide, all through the world wars and to the present day of globalization, women have always paid great attention to following a set trend of adorning themselves at each occasion, in every circumstance, at every age, in every class of life, but men are also catching up these days. Thanks to the rapid globalization, fashion trends now tend to be very similar almost during the same period of time through out the world.  

Responsibility of Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are required to create fresh designs, and more often than not, they even come up with new stuff to change the trends every fashion season. And, once they hit the ramp, they are adorned by the lovely ladies that walk the red carpet in film festivals world over. Now, this is when the cravings begin, and the rush to own the latest trends sets in – sometimes, even at the cost of your comfort!

It’s all about the Attitude!

Fashion is also about carrying anything that you wear, with the right attitude and the complete confidence. But what is often forgotten is charm that a fashionable outfit deserves to be carried with. Fashions trends are now created for all ages of women and even all sects of women. It is, after all, about adding quite a lot to the first impression, which you make. Therefore, when a lady chooses her outfit, she needs to bear in mind, the body type (pear, athletic, apple, hourglass), the occasion, colors, and of course, the label! But, now even men are getting equally conscious, and opting for designer jackets, and picking clothing only from branded labels like Paul and Shark.

Making Smart Choices with Accessories

Most fashion designers choose a category that they expertise in. So, good ground work is necessary, before you hit the mall. Accessories are very important and can either make or break a look. Therefore, they must be chosen wisely. You wouldn’t want to look like a Christmas tree at that party!

Minimal accessories are the way to go, but if you like the heavy ones, then just one chunky bracelet of a contrasting color can add a touch of glamour. Simplicity can be real classy especially with single piece cocktail dresses and western formals. Ethnic Asian occasions call for elaborate accessories.

Getting the Combination Right

Western casuals are easier on hairstyles, but on more formal occasions, parties and social festivities, an elaborate outfit deserves a well thought out hairstyle. When deciding a hairstyle, hair texture, color, length and face cut must be considered. Therefore, an appointment with your hairstylist is a must!

Hair accessories are a craze especially amongst the youth. Again, they must go along with your outfit and accessories. So, try to blend fashion with charm and prepare to turn heads while enjoying the complements that every individual craves for!

Hannah Benson is an ardent Coco Chanel fan who believes that the right fashion sense can literally change the way the world looks at a woman.

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