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Top ladies trends for 2014

2014 is fast approaching which means it’s time for you to stock up on the season’s latest styles. Start shopping now for the hottest fashions and ensure that your outfit is always right on trend. The fashions for 2014 range from punk to prissy and there’s sure to be something that will suit your style, or inspire you to create a new one.

All white

All white outfits have been on a hit on catwalks around the world and featured heavily in the recent New York Fashion Week. Stunning all white pant suits, dresses and even nails are a hit and translate easily from day to night, casual to formal. Crisp lines are in evidence everywhere and classic contours will be in abundance.


Every woman’s wardrobe needs a pair of culottes in 2014. These short pants should hit right below the calf muscle and be baggy and billowing without being frumpy. Culottes offer comfort and elegance and can be worn to just about every occasion.

Moody florals

Dark and mysterious floral prints will be huge in 2014 and will adorn everything from maxi dresses to shirts and dresses. Floral prints have taken on a darker mood and will be splashed across garments in shades of deep purple, burgundy and shades of grey. A moody floral print item is a must have for 2014.

Checks, lines and squares

Bold lines are in and tailored pants, suits and skirts are splashed with these linear patterns. Tartan, checks and linear designs will be everywhere, so take a look at some of the great patterns on offer and make sure that your fashion focus is straight ahead. Aztec inspired designs are also incredibly popular and will be a major presence in pants.

Luxurious layers

The focus on textured layers will be huge in 2014 and a skirt over pants with a mid calf jacket will be bang on trend. Scarves, cardigans and layered shirts are huge and transparent fabric that offers a glimpse of the wearer’s garments underneath are particularly popular. The secret to great layers is ensuring that luxurious colours and textures are draped over the body in a manner that is flattering and doesn’t swamp the wearer.

Swirly skirts

2014 fashion focuses a lot on skirts, especially those that are swirly and knee length, with a dash of 50s glamour. These skirts are especially feminine and the wearer will be exposing less but still look incredibly sexy. Form fitting skirts will still be popular but these wide, flared garments were all over the catwalk.

Formal feathers

Feathers are a huge hit with formal wear and they add a touch of whimsy to tops, skirts and dresses. Spotted on many catwalks, feathers are incredibly feminine and have been spied on the red carpet recently too. If you want to add one very special piece of formal wear to your wardrobe in 2014 opt for plumage.

Big bags

Big bags are in again this year and these giant carry-alls are very practical. Choose a bag in a bright colour that will suit most of your wardrobe and embrace this trend, as it may switch to the opposite next year!

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