Wedding Themes that are in Vogue Now

Weddings always bring in cheer and happiness along with some nostalgia. When it comes to weddings, people pull out all stops and enter into the arrangements with full enthusiasm. While some prefer traditional weddings, others like to bring in new trends to different aspects of the arrangement. Themed weddings too have gained a lot of popularity nowadays. Next to the dresses of the bride and the groom, the venue of the wedding is what attracts guests the most.

hoosing the Decor

Wedding planners keep coming up with innovative and trendy concepts for weddings which are grabbed up instantly. Forming an idea that satisfies everyone involved is difficult to achieve, but with the innumerable number of ideas being floated around, there is always something for everyone.

Urban Style Wedding

For modern women who prefer sleek, stylish, and the latest in fashion, the urban style weddings are the best choice. From the sparkling glasses and stone embedded dinnerware to the alluring white orchids and glittering mirrors, the urban style has hints of art deco with modernity being the buzz word in all the details. Extravagance is ingrained here, and this wedding style is for those who are confident of carrying it off with style.

Vintage Style Weddings

Ancient and antiqued pieces usually dominate this theme. For those who love vintage pieces and ancient places this is the right theme for them. With exquisitely patterned décor that has the vintage stamp all over and brings to mind the decades that have passed by, this will grab the attention of vintage lovers and is apt for the something borrowed and some old terms associated with the wedding. The décor has rose flowers and the classic wedding flower predominantly in every facet of the décor bringing in the old world ambience to the wedding.

Destination Weddings

With many celebrities opting for weddings abroad, this theme has caught the attention of wedding planners at present. Another significant reason for people going for this theme is the cheaper cost of arranging the wedding. The catering, accommodation, and the choice of having the honeymoon in the destination all have made this option a highly desired one. From sun-lit shores to ancient castles and exotic locations that are exciting and adventurous, destination weddings are here to stay. Arranging the wedding décor to mimic exotic locations is also another excellent way of bringing in the destination theme.

Treasuring the Memories

Wedding photographs form an excellent and poignant proof of the most emotional and happy moments in a wedding. Photographers at present have introduced plenty of trendy concepts which have made the weddings more opulent and beautiful for the bride and the groom so that they can cherish their wonderful moments of togetherness for a long time. Portfolios like the Cardiff wedding photography files are excellent examples of how photographs can bring more beauty to the wedding.

Though many new themes and trends have taken over weddings, there are a few who still want the traditional theme with all its trimmings. White roses, pearl hues, delicate bows, and pretty pastels are still being favored by the traditional theme lovers.

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