How to Ensure You are Buying Genuine Pre-Owned Watches

Internet auctions are a common avenue for watches described as running with no guarantee to time keeping. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest dealers out there who would say that the watch is close to mint and that the case has been polished. They may also say that the dial of the watch is mint and the watch is strongly running but the timekeeping is not guaranteed. As a smart buyer, you surely want to end up buying a watch that fits your needs and requirements. You definitely don’t want to spend a penny on a watch that only has the value and looks but runs just for a few hours.

If you really want to buy omega watch or Rolex watch, but don’t have enough funds to buy a brand new one, you can purchase second hand watches. You can find a huge collection of such watches in the internet or at jewelry or watch shops. You can browse great pre-owned luxury watches at It is likely that you are skeptical about getting used watches as you may be doubtful of the look, quality and longevity of the functions of such items. It is also possible that you can become a victim of fake sellers. But, you should not dismiss the chance of getting a luxury watch in an affordable way.

Here are some tips to help you with your purchase.

Use a Magnifying Glass in Examining a Watch

When the vendor of a luxury watch claims that the item is in great condition, you can make use of a magnifying to verify his claim. Examine the piece especially its metal components. Such must not have been smoothed out so that it can disguise scratches and disguise.

Ask to See the Watch’s Interior

A reputable seller will surely not mind if you ask to see the interior of the watch so that you can check the originality of all the parts. You must know that dishonest sellers will replace genuine components with cheaper counterparts.

Check for the Model or Serial Numbers

Genuine luxury watches are engraved with unique serial or model numbers. It is a must to check what and where such identification marks must be. The marks will serve as proofs of the watch’s authenticity.

Determine Other Signs of Fake Watches

It is possible for counterfeit watches to be good; however, some evidence will let you know that they are not what they seem to be. Such includes variations of numbering, lettering, second hand speed and etchings on the watch case’s rear. You can really rely on the internet in terms of accessing information that reveals indicators of the genuineness of a second hand watch.

Ensure that You Get a Guarantee from the Seller

As you purchase pre-owned luxury watches, you must make sure that the seller will give you a guarantee. This will provide you peace of mind as a refund can be claimed in case the watch will end up being faulty. Typically, the majority of reputable sellers online will provide a minimum of one-year guarantee on second hand watches.

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