Make Your House Extraordinarily Beautiful with Basket Decoration Ideas

Baskets can do lot more than serving as a storage or a gifting box. Decorating the interiors by using baskets is a fantastic way to give an extraordinary look to your house. It is a very different style and quite unusual from the normal decoration ideas.

Moreover, you can think something out of the box with your creativity by using basket theme for different purposes. You can use baskets made of different materials that may best suit your idea. Baskets are made out of many things like plastic, wicker, and types of wood. Here in this article, you will know some amazing ideas for implementing basket decoration in different ways at your home.

Baskets for Coffee Table or Living Room’s Center Table: If you have a center table or a coffee table at your house, which has empty space under its platform then you can place a basket filled with some essentials decorated nicely underneath. This way, you can decorate the table and also find some space for the storage of small things like magazines or may be quick bites. While having coffee, watching TV or attending to guests, the essentials in the basket can be very useful. The basket can be placed on top of the table as well, provided it is well organized.

Basket Full of Flowers: Well, flowers and baskets are inseparable in a way. Both complement each other the best. Go for a wooden basket or a wicker basket. You can use artificial flowers to make a permanent arrangement. Place the flowers properly and in an appealing color combination, so that it looks like a visual treat.

Flower baskets are available in many different shapes also, so you can pick the most appropriate one depending upon the position where you wish to place it. However, a beautifully decorated flower basket of any size and shape can occupy a place almost in any corner of the house without looking absurd.

For living rooms, a larger basket looks more appropriate, whereas in rooms and bathrooms small flower baskets can be decorated. Even in kitchen and dining space, a flower basket can refresh the whole outlook.

Interesting Wall Hangings: Baskets when hung on house walls, be it exterior walls or interiors look extremely stylish. You could either hang 1 huge basket on an empty wall or make an interesting basket collage using small sizes and shapes of baskets. For wall hanging purpose, different colors of baskets are available in the market.  Unique shapes can draw good attention. Shallower baskets are more preferred for wall hangings.

Other Ideas: The most common basket decoration idea remains filling it with decorative items and storing it on a visible place. Use decorative balls, plastic fruits, marbles, potpourri, and many other assortments of decorative things to complete your basket. Another very interesting idea is to dig a hole in between the basket and put a bulb or light from that hole. Hang it anywhere from the ceiling and you will experience an amazing lighting concept at your home.

These are just some of the many creative ideas that you can implement in your house décor projects using baskets.

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