Packing Tips for Men – Jet Off in Style

Some people seem to know exactly how to pack for a holiday. They have a simple suitcase or rucksack filled with only the outfits they need. These individuals seem to look polished all holiday long, never looking out of place and always being prepared. Then there is the other type of packers – the ones who over-pack and still end up looking a mess or the ones who don’t take anything other than two outfits and plenty of British snacks. If you’re not a natural packer we’d like to make it easy for you with our essential holiday packing guide for men.

Essential Items You Have to Take

Before you start thinking of the ‘what if’ scenarios there are a few essential items you should not leave without. These include:

  • A soft shirt that can be worn open at the beach or buttoned up in the evening – it’s light and versatile
  • Black jeans look smart, especially from a distance
  • Swimming shorts – just one pair will do, they dry quickly!
  • A pair of Vans or Converse, they look good with everything
  • One jumper
  • Two vests for casual days out – throw the jumper over the top in the evening
  • Two T-shirts
  • A weeks’ worth of underwear

Treat Yourself to Some New Attire

There really is no need to take your entire wardrobe. Think about what you plan on doing during your holiday in the sun – will you really need a suit? Is there really going to be a cold storm that requires you to wear a jacket? No. You don’t need these things, they just weigh you down.

Treat yourself to some new clothing that you do need and take that on holiday with you. Browse through some of the spring/summer Hugo Boss menswear collections on  you can’t go wrong with their T-shirts. The new shirts will look so much better than your old favourites, easy to dress up and dress down, so all occasions are met in great style

Invest in Decent 

Buy yourself a compact piece of luggage and a carry-on bag. The carry on should contain all of your paperwork along with any additional medication, an emergency T-shirt, your money and any valuables you wish to take with you. Finally, the carry-on should be where you store your toothpaste and deodorant (if you’re not going to buy it when you land) and a bottle of mineral water. Delays do happen and you’ll feel so much better if you’re able to at least brush your teeth.  Leave your main piece of luggage for clothing, shoes and that 6 pack of Doritos if you’re unable to risk not finding them when you touch down.

So there you have it, you’re ready to pack for your summer holiday. There’s no need to pack for every occasion. A summer holiday requires little more than a few T-shirts, some shorts, one decent shirt and a pair of smart looking black jeans. It really is as simple as that.

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