Improving your Chances by Using a Black Diamond Ring

Are you interested in getting married? Are you preparing to pop the question to your long-time girlfriend? When that time finally rolls around, you’ll want to begin preparing. You’ll need to come up with the right words to say, choose the perfect location and most importantly purchase the best engagement ring. While most individuals head for the more common clear diamonds, you should consider purchasing a black diamond ring. You’ll be able to surprise your girlfriend and get the answer you want by giving her one of the many black diamond engagement rings.

Differences in Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds can be similarly compared to clear diamonds yet be verydistinctive. For starters, they tend to be much more rare. This specific type of diamond is only found in two places throughout the world including The Central African Republic and Brazil. Obviously, this makes the diamonds a little more expensive than those that are found more commonly. The eye-catching beauty will enchant your loved one and all those that come across her.

How they get their dark color

You may be wondering how these diamonds receive their dark color. Well, most of the time this occurs due to plate-like inclusions which are found within the diamonds. As diamonds are being formed, particles will be caught within. In most cases, it is graphite that is found to be trapped inside of the diamonds giving them their dark color.

Value System

While purchasing a black diamond, you’ll need to consider that these are generally not graded on the same scale as other diamonds. They are not graded on a color scale as done so with clear diamonds. Jewelers have designed a unique and special scale for grading and valuing black diamonds. By using the chart, you’ll be able to grade the diamond based on its size and coloration. This information will come in very handy, when purchasing your ring to ensure that you’re not getting ripped off.

A Little more about Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are seen as unique characters. For instance, they’re generally small. It is very common to find these in the size of a pea. Sometimes they’re stuck together and form a larger mass. These diamonds are much harder than their clear counterpart. Black diamonds tend to be opaque and the type of cut matters very little.


These diamonds have become much more popular over the past few years. Many powerful celebrities have worn them and this has helped to improve their popularity and value. Although they will not shine like regular diamonds, these diamonds are guaranteed to catch the eye. It is very difficult to not want to get a closer look when you spot one of these diamonds.

Author Bio : Dan Smith is a professional jeweler who appreciates the beauty of black diamonds. He writes articles discussing black diamonds and their true value.

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