How Much is Too Much to Spend on Your Wedding?

So, you’ve just got engaged to your partner, now comes the fun part. Planning a wedding can be a huge stress, both emotionally and financially. When you embark on a journey into the world of wedding planning, you might find the entire thing a worry. People tend to spend a small fortune on their big day because they think that they have to. You don’t need to break the bank when you plan your wedding, yet people seem to want to do just that. It all begs the question, how much is too much?

How much do people pay?

The average wedding in the US costs $30,000. Cheaper weddings come in at around $8,000, but you will struggle to get it any cheaper than that. The wedding industry is huge. The fact that people are willing to spend massive amounts on their big day means that wedding services charge loads. There is a trend of wedding companies overcharging people for basic services. You need to make sure that you keep your wedding within a tight budget. It is easy to spend too much on your wedding, but is it worth it? Your wedding is the start of your life as a married couple. The last thing you want is to start your married life in loads of debt.

Don’t let people pressure you

Everyone from your caterers to your venue managers will try and pressure you into spending more money. Most people in the wedding industry, work on a commission basis. You need to make sure that you can afford your wedding day. Ignore what people say. They will use psychological tactics to make you buy more from them. They may even try and guilt you into buying more extravagant services from them. You have to be strong. If you don’t need something, just say no.

You can’t buy the perfect wedding

Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect wedding. Spending loads of money on your big day won’t ensure that everything is ideal. Little mishaps happen on everyone’s wedding day. If you go into the planning process with unrealistic ideals, you will cause yourself a lot of stress. Instead, make sure that the major aspects of your wedding day are awesome. Everything else will fall into place over time.

Expensive days for weddings

When you are choosing a wedding date, you need to think logically. Most people want to have their wedding on a Saturday, but doing so is super expensive. Saturday weddings could cost you around a third more than weekday weddings. It is a hassle trying to rally people to come to a mid-week wedding, but it could save you loads of cash. If you can’t stand the thought of having a mid-week affair, consider having your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday. These two days are still expensive, but not as expensive as Saturday weddings. You are also more likely to get your venue of choice if you opt to have a wedding on one of these days.

How many people should you invite?

The easiest way to save money on your wedding is to invite fewer people than you want to. People tend to think that they need a wedding with hundreds of guests for it to be special. In reality, you should only invite your closest friends and family to the event. What makes an event special is not the amount of people who attend, but how you feel about your partner.

The cost of the perfect wedding dress

It is ludicrous how much people spend on wedding dresses. Think about it. You are only going to wear your wedding dress once, yet you can pay anything from $700 to $9000 for a wedding dress. Sure, you want your dress to be perfect, but, as we already know, money doesn’t always buy you perfection. Before you start dress shopping, you need to set a realistic budget for your dress. Don’t spend more than you can afford on your dress or you will regret it later. Read some information on about how to save money when buying a dress. There are many online resources that will give you great tips and advice.

Entertainment budget

If there is one thing that you should spend money on it has to be your entertainment. Wedding receptions are just an excuse for a massive party. If you have awful, boring entertainment, it will ruin the vibe of your reception. You can save money by booking your band far in advance. Wedding season is a busy time for musicians, and you will pay over the odds for entertainment if you leave it too late. Again, if you are having a mid-week wedding, you will find that your entertainment costs are low. Weekends are busy times for performers, whilst weekdays are not. You can save a lot of money by booking a band on a mid-week night.

Hiring a venue

Venue hire is a huge expense that is hard to avoid. It is worth shopping around for the perfect venue, rather than opting for one just because it is there. Look for quirky and undiscovered venues. Major wedding venues, such as castles and stately homes, will cost you an absolute fortune. Instead, look for venues that people wouldn’t associate with weddings. You could look into having your reception in a museum or library, for example. You are sure to get a cheaper rate on your wedding reception if you choose a venue that is out of the ordinary.

Should you have an open bar?

Ah, the age-old question of whether you should have an open bar raises its head again. The simple answer is no. When there is an open bar, people tend to take advantage of it. The last thing you need after your wedding is a huge bill from the bar. You don’t want to deprive people of some complimentary drinks, though, and so you should find a compromise. You could have free bottles of champagne for people when they arrive or one free drink at the bar. Capping the amount of free drinks people can have might feel mean, but it will save you loads of money.

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