Fashion Dresses – UK Style That’s Perfect For You

Ladies in the UK are known for their style. With a penchant for adorable hats, creative combinations, and rain-proof looks, you’ll find fashions in the UK that you couldn’t quite find anywhere else. Whether you’re a Brit looking for fashion advice or you’re living somewhere else and trying to capture the British style, check out the following tips to find the perfect UK fashion dresses and bring out your own UK style.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Bold Choice

One of the reasons that ladies in the UK are known as fashion leaders is that they’re not afraid to make a bold choice every once in a while. Fashion doesn’t have to be about just fitting in with trends; it can be about having fun and going for something a bit adventurous. Try picking from one of these fashion dresses with a bold colour or mixing different patterns. Instead of black tights, try colourful ones. If you feel great in your outfit, everyone else will think you look great too. Before you know it, you may even be setting new trends of your own.

Add an Edgy Element

Sometimes, such as when you’re working in an office, a really adventurous look may not be appropriate. When that’s the case, spice up a feminine or classic look with an edgy accessory. Add a leather jacket to your elegant dress, or complete an otherwise simple ensemble with a daring hat. Accessories such as leather boots or a statement necklace can add interest and personal flair to an outfit without making it unprofessional.

Add Interest through Layers

It’s impossible to deny that the weather has had an impact on UK style. The ever-present threat of rain and wind has made layers a signature part of UK fashion. Tights will keep your legs warm, and they look great with both dresses and shorts. You can also add to your look with a cute sweater or jacket. A scarf is another great way to accessorize that will keep you warm if the weather turns chilly. Best of all, layers provide an opportunity to play with different patterns and textures. If you get a bit creative, you can create fantastic looks with the simple addition of one more layer.

Look Locally

One of the advantages of living in the UK is access to great shops that sell outfits made in the UK and nearby. You can support local fashion and local manufacturers by wearing one of the many UK fashion dresses that are available. Choose from something made right in the UK or by manufacturers in our neighbouring countries. Shops such as S Dress exclusively sell dresses that have been made within Europe. Shopping at these stores is a great way to keep your style genuinely European and support nearby manufacturers.

Need more inspiration?

There is such a wide choice of UK fashion dresses that finding your own personal style can take some time. Don’t be afraid to try different things and find out what works best for you. If you’re still feeling lost then spend some time browsing online for more inspiration. With almost every style you can think of, you’re sure to find something for you.

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