A Guide to Letting Your Accessories do the Talking

Sometimes, it’s nice to wear a nice neutral outfit. However, neutral outfits can look amazing with the right accessories. In some cases, I even suggest you let your accessories do all the talking! A plain outfit can be dressed up or dressed down by wearing the right accessories. Use this guide to help you.

Wear A Patterned Belt

A plain outfit paired with a patterned belt can instantly look cool. Whether you’ve gone for a regular belt or a waist belt, it can be a brilliant way to add interest and depth.

Use a Statement Bag

A statement bag can instantly make a plain outfit more interesting. The great thing about bags is that you can literally find them in any shape or size you need. You can find oversized patterned clutches, and even bags in the shape of animals! I almost bought a bag in the shape of a snail once. It sounds gross, but it was really quite pretty.

Wear Quirky Hair Accessories

Quirky hair accessories always make an outfit better. You could wear a flower crown, fancy headband, or a head chain. There’s no limit to the amount of accessories available. You could even twist some of those fancy little gems into an updo to make it look more put together.

Try Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs make it look like you’ve got piercings where none are present. They instantly funk up a look and add a bit of an edge. I suggest going for an up do when it comes to your hair, or sweeping to the side to show it off.

Experiment With Ring Stacking

Ring stacking is a great way to get creative with your jewelry. You can come up with all kinds of designs, and it’s so much fun to do!

Layer Other Accessories

You more than likely have bracelets, watches, and necklaces too. Don’t be afraid to layer them up! I like experimenting with different watch bands and bangles to create a cool stacked look on my arm. Layering necklaces of different lengths can give a great hobo feel too.

Wear Statement Shoes

Shoes are the perfect opportunity to make a statement. Why not add a pop of color with them? You could even wear a patterned pair if you dare!

Include Plenty of Textures

Textures are the key to an interesting outfit. I just love wearing a faux fur bag to give my outfit more depth. You can include textures on just about anything you can think of. Wearing too much of one material can make the whole thing look too heavy and dull, so don’t fall into that trap. Look for inspo on Instagram and Pinterest if you need it.

If you let your accessories do the talking, you don’t need to get too imaginative with your base outfit. You can easily wear a neutral, plain outfit and make it look amazing with your accessories. I hope you love these tips and put them to good use. Leave a comment to let me know!

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