The Appeal of Antique and Vintage Jewellery

In a culture that prizes all things shiny and new, it is refreshing and exciting to see antique jewellery spilling into (and out of) every trend in this year’s fashion line up. For a peak at three of the hottest antique jewellery ‘must haves’ to add to your collection in 2015, keep reading.

All Things Art Deco

Whilst I remain somewhat dubious as to the role hit TV show Downton Abbey has really played in reviving our interest in Art Deco jewellery, as The Telegraph Newspaper reported late last year, there is certainly no argument with the 2015 Telegraph article, ‘Art Deco’s Enduring Appeal’.

Characterised by bold, statement geometric designs, vivid colour and gems galore, it is pretty great to think so long after the optimistic period in which Art Deco was born, its appeal has not faded. To get inspired or even treat yourself to something Art Deco, visit the Antique Jewellery Online website. With Art Deco designs showing no sign of falling from favour, investing a little and time and even money into the real deal, really is a wise investment.

60s and 70s Motif Must Haves

Feathers, beads, gold and…owls?! I don’t know what it is about owls that has turned our heads of late, but these unlikely little birds really have got the fashion world in quite a flap. From over-stated gold, jewel encrusted owl broaches to pseudo-antique drop earrings, apparently owl you need is love this season. Cheesy, 1970s worthy puns aside though, boho vintage is a big deal right now, proving that it isn’t just about all things antique – vintage is every bit as groovy.

Like the feathers that have been celebrated in 2015-2016 bridal designs and helped bring back boho, 2015 spring runways, as reported via the New York Post website, have been awash this year with all things 70s. The sudden return of 1960s hippie chic and 70’s disco fever has come as somewhat of a shock to many of us. That said, the re-emergence of floral motifs, peace sign pendants, beads and bright enamels has meant that even if the sun doesn’t make much of an appearance in Blighty this summer, there’s certainly plenty to smile about.

Bringing Back the Bling

For a while yellow gold in particular had been disappearing into drawers and keepsake boxes in favour of silver and cooler coloured metals, but things are changing. From statement chokers to stacking rings, whatever the piece, one thing is for sure this season – it must be gold.

Nowhere is the upsurge of interest in gold more prominent this year than in wedding jewellery pieces. Antique gold with its characteristic rich golden and yellow tints, provides the perfect stand-out statement to couple with many of the wedding dresses hitting bridal fashion shows this year. Team antique gold with the florals and plunging necklines currently trending and set to take 2016 by storm.

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