Pearls Get Fresh

Pearls always seem to point toward to the past. They evoke classic elegance and timeless purity. Pearl strands are constants in old photographs, standing out as bright spots among the sepia tones. The women in the pictures are young, but one would have a hard time finding a young woman wearing pearls today. For some reason, people have a hard time placing pearls in a modern context, even if they recognize their objective beauty.

The one arena in which pearls will always be fresh is bridal fashion. Pearls shimmer and glow but do not shine, making them appropriate complements for ornate gowns, hairstyling and makeup. No matter how glitzy and over-the-top a wedding dress is, there is always room for more pearls. Other jewelry can be worn without clashing, and the bridesmaids could even wear matching pearl pieces to tie the whole bridal party together. Pearls give brides a way to wear as much jewelry as possible without looking weighed down in baubles.

Pearls generally seem so old-fashioned because, ironically, they are too pristine. Hip women love the idea of purchasing banged-up gemstone jewelry from vintage stores because they like the weathered look. It is easier to incorporate fancy jewelry into one’s everyday wardrobe if the pieces are obviously old or a little artfully damaged. Pearls are too clean and white to fall into the category of casual vintage.

Online shops like The Pearl Source are working to change this perception of pearls. Many people do not realize that pearls actually come in several different colors. Tahitian south sea pearls are available in rich charcoal and brown shades that are much edgier than traditional white pearls. A long strand of Tahitian pearls would look great with casual ensembles. They look even cooler if they are baroque pearls, or pearls that are not perfectly spherical. The qualities of Tahitian south sea pearls resolve all of the issues preventing pearls from seeming modern.

Freshwater pearls also come in different colors. There are necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings made out of pale pink, blue and even lavender freshwater pearls. The colors give this jewelry a girlish, almost candy-like effect. These pieces would make great gifts for women of all ages.

All it takes is a few tweaks to completely reinvent pearls for a new generation. By introducing colored pearls to the masses, contemporary pearl retailers are making them cool again.

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