Why an Antique Ring Makes the Perfect Engagement Ring

The reasons why an antique make the perfect engagement ring are many. So, if you are lucky enough (congratulations, by the way!) to have become recently engaged or on the scout for the perfect ring with which to yet pop that life-changing question, read on before heading out to your local jeweller’s. When you come to ask what will no doubt be one of the important questions you ask in your lifetime, securing the dream ring, after all, can’t damage your chances of securing that dream answer.

Going Green

Antique Engagement rings are an ecologically far more sound option to a more recently made ring, or having one commissioned. It is true and undeniable that all rings will have involved their metals and stones having been mined and that that mining will have had an ecological impact. The desire for modern, new or especially commissioned engagement rings means more mining, more damage and more destruction to our ecology. Hence, to minimalise the environmental impact your desire for the perfect ring might otherwise have, choose an antique ring.

For further information on ecological engagement and wedding ring options, and why antique rings are the greenest option, read more via the Everything Wedding Rings website.

Remember: Diamonds are Forever

Antique diamond engagement rings differ from modern made diamond engagement rings in both stone size and quality. The misconception is that the older the diamond ring, the poorer the quality of the diamond due to the fact that vintage and antique diamond rings pre-date the advent of the precision diamond-cutting technology used today. On the contrary, the more subtle sparkle afforded to antique diamond rings because of this provides wearers with a far more sophisticated and less ‘blingy’ appearance. Antique and vintage diamond rings further benefit from often giving the illusion of being larger than their modern contemporaries for the simple fact that the stone proportions of vintage and antique diamonds valued diameter over depth.

To discover for yourself examples of antique engagement rings and how diamond engagement rings compare to those we’re all used to seeing in modern society, visit Antique Rings Online.

A Dream Ring…at a Dream Price

To purchase a modern ring made of a precious metal and containing the same size gemstone as an antique will cost you considerably more than purchasing an antique ring. It is that simple. That said, money is not the only thing to be saved by opting for an antique engagement ring.

Those who choose to purchase antique engagement rings are also saving a piece of history that will and can never be reproduced; for a modern ring to bear the weight and wealth of love, mystery and intrigue absorbed and encapsulated in an antique ring would take it a century. There are just some things, such as surviving over a hundred years to reach your hand and touch your heart, that make a piece of jewellery priceless. Antique rings bare the unique characteristic of being imbued with a century of romance, time-honoured values and the stories of those before, proving it isn’t just the stone within a ring that symbolises what we value, but the ring itself that has its own story to tell.

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