Design the Perfect Charm Bracelets

When it comes to design bracelets, we want something that looks like it belongs to us. It is therefore important to make a few considerations when planning your bespoke charm bracelets. There are many beads, charms and letters you can add to a charm bracelet to give it the personality it requires, but how do you decide on what should be put onto the bracelet and what should be left out.

Purchase Your Bracelet

The starting point for any charm bracelet is the bracelet itself. It can be tempting to opt for a cheap band from one of the many outlets, but to create a truly sturdy piece, you should look to invest a little more. Remember that the bracelets are the foundations of your charm bracelets, and if the quality isn’t good enough, you could find the bracelet snapping, and all your charms and beads getting lost along the way.

Consider Your Personality

While there are a lot of beautiful troll beads, charms and letters that can be added to your charm bracelet, it’s worth taking your personality into consideration. For example, if you’re not a religious person, it can be somewhat confusing if you suddenly start wearing charms that are inspired by religion. Similarly, if there are beads of a certain colour that reflect your personality, but you aren’t using them, it could be that your bracelet isn’t telling the full story of who you are and what you’re about. Get inspired here.

Keep Everything Nearby When Designing Your Bracelets

There’s nothing worse than having a burst of creativity only to have it interrupted by not having the materials at arm’s length. It could be that by the time you have located the beads, charms or letters, you will have lost your trail of thought.

When you have your beads and charms nearby, ensure they are kept on a flat service where they can be easily be handled if needs be. You should also ensure that the charms and beads aren’t going to fall on the floor, especially if you have small children about.

If In Doubt, Opt for a Repeat Pattern

Not everyone has an eye for design, and even the best attempts can sometimes feel a bit flat. Don’t be disheartened, designing bracelets is like anything else, there’s a learning curve involved. The easiest way to build a design quickly that looks aesthetically pleasing is top opt for a simple repeat pattern. Although this can sound a little generic, it’s actually the beads and charms used on your bracelets that will make the impact.

Why not create two charm bracelets. You could use one for wearing, and one for practice. This way, there’s no detrimental effect if you’re not happy with the finished design, as you still have a bracelet you can wear, while still practicing with the other bracelet. Before you know it, you’ll be creating eye-catching designs in no time.

There’s no secret way to create the perfect bracelet, you simply have to consider your interests and practice the design aspect if needed.

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