The Psychology of Gift-giving – Personalising the Experience

What makes gift-giving especially noteworthy is when a present is given that is personalised. This type of gesture is always appreciated, whether the gift is given to someone close to youor to a business acquaintance. People are focused on brand images today. Therefore, it stands to reason that a personalised gift is a personal brand that will be well-received by the gift recipient.

Conceiving a Gift Idea

In fact, buying personalised gifts for your loved ones is an ideal solution as the gift is made to be unique. After all, it is often difficult to think up gift ideas for the people you love, even if you know a particular individual quite well. Sometimes, regardless of how much you think and try to find the ideal present, you just cannot come up with the right item for your shopping list.

Gift-giving is Not Always So Easy to Do

However, to narrow down your gift-giving ideas, you can shortlist items that you plan to buy once you find out about a particular person’s hobbies or interests. How does the individual like to spend his or her time? What kinds of subjects interest the recipient? Gift-giving is not always easy as scientific evidence suggests that the better you know someone, the harder it is for you to locate a gift.


You can spend quite a bit of time on considering what you should buy, only to discover that the gift is not well-received. However, when a gift is personalised, it becomes a cherished item – again, it boils down to brand image or the idea that the gift was customised for the user.

When it comes to buying gifts then, it is important to make the activity personal. People enjoy owning personalised items although they usually won’t buy such an item for themselves. You are therefore giving them a present that they would not have if it were not for you.

Plus, when you have the gift personalised, the recipient knows that you are not giving a string of presents of the same item to different people. Each gift that you give, when personalised, makes each item that is received a special present.

A Continual Expression

Personalised gifts have the lasting advantage of value – one that is measured in the message the gift conveys rather than its tangible worth. For instance, if you buy a loved one a watch that is engraved, he or she will be reminded that the watch is from you – a continual expression of the effort you made in selecting a special gift.

People who receive personalised items also take better care of the objects they obtain. For example, if you give a mug that is personalised to a friend or loved one, they are more likely to wash the mug by hand than place it in a dishwasher machine.

If you want the gifts you give others to stand out from other gifts, you want to make the activity of gift-giving personal. If you find yourself struggling with a gift idea, then direct yourself to the purchase of a personalised item – it is one way to reassure yourself that your present will be as welcomed as it is appreciated.

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