An in Depth Look at the 10 Deep winter 2015 Range

Streetwear is becoming increasingly popular. Items of clothing from the top designers’ lookbooks, like 10 Deep’s,are to be found in many wardrobes.

This year the 10 Deep designers have taken a radically different approach. It is hard to pin down the look and give it a name. Perhaps the best word to describe this year’s collection is eclectic, read on and you will see what we mean.

Workwear is in

For winter 2015, most streetwear collections feature workwear as well as traditional street styles. For example, 10 Deep clothing has included several nods to workwear in their lookbook.

Of course, these pieces of workwear have been adapted and styled to better fit in with the tastes of streetwear fans. Take as an example insulated shirts that are a mainstay of most construction workers’ wardrobes.


Insulated shirts

At first glance, adding these flannel check shirts to a streetwear collection seems like a bold move. However, when you think about it more, it actually makes perfect sense.

Street clothes are mostly about looking good, but they have to be highly functional too. Staying dry and warm while at the skate park or outside a club is important, and insulated shirts certainly work in those situations.

The 10 Deep range takes things a step further by including a hooded version, and they have been bolder with their colour palette than many other streetwear designers have. As well as the muted blues and beiges found in other designer’s collections, 10 Deep offer bold alternatives including a bright pink check.

Sports themed jerseys

This year a 10 Deep jersey is a must have. Old school baseball style jerseys make up the majority of the collection, but there are a couple of hockey jerseys in there too. The patterns on many of the jerseys are a new take on those found on the sports fields of yesteryear, but the cut is slightly more generous.

Chaos theory

10 Deep is well known for its zany collections, and the firm’s designers have excelled themselves this year coming up with some unusual ideas that really work. Many of the pieces in the Fall/Winter 2015 collection are inspired by the field of mathematics that is used to predict the outcome of complex systems called ‘chaos theory’.

Oddly, the look of this collection is impossible to nail down. The ‘chaos theory’ lookbook features everything from damaged denims to logoed safety vests. It is certainly one of the more interesting streetwear collections of 2015. This is a boundary pushing lookbook.


Many of the 10 Deep collections for 2015 feature uniform inspired items, which make for some interesting looks. Inspiration has been drawn from numerous sources and organisations.

Every kind of uniform you can think of is featured in some way within the range. Examples include jackets that feature the rescue logo of the emergency services and the reflective strips that are normally incorporated into first responder jackets. Inspiration has also been drawn from the military with a smattering of camouflage items, and tactical vests included.

If you want something different, 10 Deep is certainly where you should be shopping this winter.

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