Women and Their Shoe Obsessions

If there is one thing we know, it is that a great pair of shoes can make everything alright. There seems to be some sort of mystical power associated with purchasing shoes, but what is it about shoe shopping that makes women so happy?

There may be a psychological explanation for our obsession with shoes. Studies have been developed to delve into women’s emotions, revealing that there may well be something deeper to our obsession for footwear.

A Shopper’s High Really Does Exist

While many husbands probably don’t agree, there is a euphoric feeling associated with purchasing a new pair of shoes or women’s sneakers. While it is difficult to put your finger on, psychologists have managed to explain this phenomenon.

The neurotransmitter in the brain, dopamine, releases great feelings in the body, and shopping just happens to release dopamine. Studies have indicated that shopping, especially for footwear, releases hefty doses of dopamine into our brains, causing us to feel amazing when we make that purchase.

There Is a Different Kind of High

Besides the different levels of dopamine that occur from buying shoes, the sensation of wearing heels helps women feel desirable. Psychologists agree that women who wear heels exude a status of power; they feel more confident and taller and are more inclined to go after whatever it is they may desire.

Women and Their Shoe Obsessions

Shopping for Shoes Taps into a Primitive Instinct

While evolution might have adapted a great deal of our existence, some things have remained the same. Qualities like the fight or flight instinct have remained and, believe it or not, shopping for shoes dates right back to our most basic instincts. Humans are hunters and that means we like to stalk our prey and devour it – something that shoe shopping happens to resemble. When we arrive at our destination, be it a brick and mortar store or online shoe sale, our dopamine levels rise and we begin to shop and search for our prey. Once we find it, we feel a great sense of accomplishment. However, that true peak of adrenalin happens when you swipe your credit card, or at least enter in your details. It is only after that moment that the reality sets in and we begin to feel guilty about our spontaneous purchase. The hormones that have driven us to follow through with the purchase more or less emulate those from our very humble beginnings.

Despite the thought, or reality, of maxing out our credit cards, arguments with significant others about our stash of footwear and lack of space, and room lost in our wardrobes to such beautiful foot accessories, shopping for and buying shoes gives us an incredible feeling of satisfaction. The shoe, or sneaker, is something we wanted, an item we stalked out and something we eventually attained for ourselves.

That’s just shoe shopping on an average day; imagine a women’s dopamine and adrenaline levels during an anticipated shoe sale!

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