Outdoor Toys That Exercise Your Child’s Imagination

When people think about toys that help improve their child’s creativity and imagination, they probably think of things such as art supplies, books, puppets, and other indoor activities. Many parents see outdoor activities as ways of helping their children exercise and burn off energy. However, outdoor toys can do just as much to exercise the imagination as they to do exercise the body. In fact, children often become more creative while enjoying outdoor activities. Here are some of the outdoor toys that will help your child become more imaginative.

A Playhouse

Playhouses give your children plenty of different ways to be creative and stretch their imaginations. The most traditional playhouses look like small homes and let your children pretend to have their own house. They can cook, clean, and pretend to live entire lives in these little homes. Some include pretend kitchens, while others may actually be divided into rooms just like real houses. Some include slides and other fun built-ins, too. Some of these playhouses take the form of pretend cafes and other businesses to allow kids to stretch their imaginations even farther.

Sand and Water Tables

These tables are similar to elevated sandboxes. Your kids can have fun doing all sorts of creative things with both sand and water. Once they’re done, it’s easy enough to dump out the tables for cleaning or to cover them until your children are ready to play again. Many of these tables include small toys to use in the water or shovels and other equipment for digging in the dirt. You can find many of these tables on the Step 2 Direct website.

Ride-On Toys

Ride-on toys put kids in the driver’s seat. Some of these toys are pushed by parents but others are powered by the child’s feet or by pedals. They can pretend that they’re driving around town before parking in front of their playhouse and going inside for dinner. Some are even large enough to accommodate several children, while others are like small roller coasters and follow a track.

Swing Sets

Today’s swing sets are often more than simply a metal frame with a few swings suspended between the supports. Instead, they often include slides, a playhouse on one end, and more. The Step2 Direct kids outdoor swing sets can include everything a child needs to pretend he or she is the king or queen of a magic land, a space explorer, or a superhero ready to run or fly at supersonic speeds. Your children will be able to enjoy multiple activities on some of these advanced swing set play areas. Of course, the basic swing set is still an option for those who just want to swing for hours.

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