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Important Tips on Keeping Your Facial Skin Healthy

There are many products out there that claim that they can improve the health of your skin and reduce the signs of aging in your face. However, not all products are as good as others and you need to know the best methods of keeping your skin healthy without wasting money on the wrong products. By following the right beauty tips from the start, you could very well reach the lovely age of retirement without anyone knowing from your appearance alone.

No Bar Soap

To keep your skin healthy, you must first choose the best cleanser to remove excess oil without drying out your skin. When you shop skin whitening cleanser online in Singapore, you must look for a product specifically designed to help clean your skin of contaminants without causing any ill effects such as cracking and irritation. The right cleanser will leave your skin looking more luminous while cleansing any sebum, pollution, and impurities.

Look for cleansers with crucial ingredients such as Acerola fruit extract and lady’s mantle extract, and you will want something that is light and gentle on the skin. Bar soaps are held together with binders that have an alkaline base, or a high pH balance, which will strip away the natural oils and water found in your skin. Your skin cells must remain moist at all times to remain healthy and you need a cleanser capable of making that possible.

Avoid SD Alcohol 40 and Denatured Alcohol

There are many people who enjoy the tight and clean feeling associated with the use of alcohol on the skin but this ingredient can also remove water from your skin cells. This can then result in the accumulation of dead skin cells, causing your skin to look dull or even crack. If you have oily skin, using products with alcohol to dry up the oil will only result in your body producing more oil to supplement the loss.

Thus, you need toners without alcohol to remove chlorine, minerals, and salt from your skin without taking water in the process. Use this product during both your day and night routine for the best results and right after cleansing. Once applied, allow the toner to dry on its own to maximise hydration and decrease the time needed to see results.

Sleeping Position

It might surprise you to learn that the second-highest cause of wrinkles is the way you sleep, below only extended exposure to UV radiation. Pressing your face into a pillow while you sleep can accumulate into more than 2,500 hours of your face being squashed. This process can slowly but surely increase the speed at which wrinkles appear and even cause existing wrinkles to deepen.

The best way to prevent premature wrinkles is to apply a facial sunscreen before you leave the home every day and to pay attention to the position in which you sleep. If possible, sleep on your back to avoid any part of your face touching the pillow, which should help to stop the speed of aging signs. This should also improve the horizontal lines across your neck, similar to those that you see when you look down.

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